Why Taekwon-Do:

   Everyone has different reasons for taking up

Taekwondo. Along with the obvious physical

benefits through devoted training one can

gradually attain mental fitness.

   By practicing and repeating each step to perfection, we become more patient. Self confidence is attained through the power of one's body and the knowledge of how to use it at any place in any situation. Sparring helps us build humility, courage, alertness,  accuracy and develops self control. By doing patterns, we increase our flexibility, grace, balance and co-ordination. Through discipline and interaction with others, we learn co-operation and mutual respect.

   Some of the benefits filter into everyday living situations. Improved concentration leads to better work and study habits, reduced stress levels and increased levels of relaxation throughout the day.

   Increased self confidence, self discipline and self respect, all of which produces a positive attitude in life, aids in developing character and improved leadership skills.

  No Matter what your reason for training, Titan Taekwondo can help you achieve any goal that you set. Not only will you become physically fit, you will also be mentally fit.